i'm not talking about people who vent to their friends about their problems or occasionally crack jokes about their mental issues, if you constantly joke about your mental illnesses and don't shut up about how you're starving yourself or wanna die or something, god you are SO FUCKING ANNOYING. obviously if someone really needs to talk about something, i'm here for them, but if that's ALL you ever talk about, GET A FUCKING THERAPIST. not everybody wants to hear about that shit all the time! it just makes you look like an attention whore. shut up.


LITERALLY WHAT THE FUCK IS MAYONNAISE?? there's not many things i hate more in life than fucking mayonnaise. IT'S LITERALLY EGG AND OIL MIXED INTO A CREAM! WHAT THE FUCK.


dumbass really went on a rampage because he couldn't get any coochie lol. what an embarrasing way to go out.


there are so many examples of people like this i could go on forever. people who involve themselves in discourse that's not about them, people who insist self-diagnosing is ok (it's not, that's why psychologists exist), people who "cancel" bands/artists that have done iffy things and then try to "cancel" YOU if you still listen to them. like bro i don't fucking care if marilyn manson is a shitty person, what difference does me listening to his music have on that? whether or not he earns a fucking fraction of a cent from me streaming his music isn't gonna change anything he's done lmao. people who attack skinny people and call literally fucking anything "body checking" because they wanna be all #bodypositive and shit. and then these same people get mad when you mention someone who's ACTUALLY body checking or some other ed shit! i've seen people attack obviously healthy thin people for just dancing or something but when it's someone who clearly has something going on and is doing something that's legitimately triggering it's "just a skinny person existing" like what. another thing is lately i've been seeing a lot of people telling poc that they are not in fact poc and they're just white?? like people deadass are going around saying that if you're mexican, asian, native american, etc you're actually just white because those are your ethnicities and not your race. like okay yeah, but race is a social construct meaning it overlaps with ethnicity. like do people not understand race is basically based on ethnicity?? for the most part, white people are ethnically from europe, black people from africa, etc. just because a race isn't referred to as a color doesn't mean it's not a race. could you imagine if we started calling asian people "yellow" as often as we called people "white"? that'd be a shitshow. i hate pebblebrained internet bozos.