july 17th, 2023

it's crazy to me i've had this site now for like 2 years. damn. life hasn't been too interesting. i got a tattoo, a real one this time. its a floral heart with the lyrics "flowers grow amongst the weeds" inside it, from the song "sleepy towns and cemeteries" by nicole dollanganger. that's about it. i've mostly just been smoking way too much weed. the other night i was so high i went and woke up my brother at like 4am bc i somehow thought it was like 10am. poor kid was so confused. oh, lowkey got sexually assaulted/harrassed the other night so that was kinda crazy. i've started taking my adderall again and as much as i hate it, it really does make a difference. today i responded to everyone i've had on delivered for months and have a bunch of plans to hang out and acually do stuff. OH! i have a consultation to get a medical marijuana card in a few days. paying for the eval itself was expensive as fuck, like $250 plus $20 for the actual card. oh well, i got my mom to pay for it. i think i might try going for a walk soon, for the first time since i sprained my ankle. lets see what else. idk thats all i can think of for now lol.

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