may 21st, 2023

well it's certainly been quite a while since i last updated.
i can't say too much has happened. it's official, i'm a high school drop out, i'm not graduating, woohoo! super fun and doesn't make me wanna spontaneously combust at all!
the other day i bought these thc cookies from this guy i know and holy SHIT. i shared them with my friend the other day and she greened the FUCK out. gave her some again last night and silly goose greened AGAIN. i feel great though lol.
been kind of a whore recently. i was on tiktok live the other night and some guy commented and was like "do u like being venmo-ed?" and i was like um duh yeah? and he was like "tell me i'm worthless and need to send you all my money" LMAO so i did just that and i wound up with 70 bucks! i was gonna save it for a cart but i'm down to 20 because i kept buying things for my friend today, i can't say no for shit. and this guy isn't responding to me anymore so now i'm like freaking out thinking he's done with me so i've been on omegle and even posting on REDDIT of all places looking for "paypigs" as they are apparently called.
oh, which reminds me, my fucking tiktok got banned! i had 3k followers, almost a mil likes, and videos with 5 mil views and some famous mutuals and now it's all just gone. i'm so frusterated. they didn't even tell me what did wrong, just "violated community guidelines" with absolutely no other context. ugh.
anyways, i really should be sleeping right now but my edibles kicking in so i don't want to yet lol. i'm driving down to see my best friend tomorrow for a week, so i gotta pack my shit but god i procrastinate so bad.
oh! i'm getting a tattoo soon! like a real tattoo. it's gonna be on my thigh, a floral heart with the lyrics "flowers grow amongst the weeds, good things have come from nothing" from the song "sleepy towns and cemeteries" by the one and only nicole dollanganger. so yay! what else. i'm just yapping atp.
nothing interesting, but i'm started to get really frusterated by the fact that there's no spell check on here. anytime i update my page i have 50 other tabs open looking up spelling so i don't seem stupid.
hm what else
idk i guess thats about it for now. my brains going all mushy now. toodaloo!

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